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Josué Manik Nava Sedeño

Josué Manik Nava Sedeño is a PhD student working with LGCA models to study cell migration and pattern formation. He did a diploma in Physics in the National University of Mexico and a MSc in Molecular Bioengineering at the TU Dresden.

  • S. Syga, J. M. Nava-Sedeño, L. Brusch, A. Deutsch
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    in Spirals and Vortices, Müller and Tsuji(Eds.), Chapter - 15, 253-264, Springer, 2019 [DOI]

  • I. Spöring, V. A. Martinez, C. Hotz, J. Schwarz-Linek, K. L. Grady, J. M. Nava-Sedeno, T. Vissers, H. M. Singer, M. Rohde, C. Bourquin, H. Hatzikirou, W. C. K. Poon, Y. S. Dufour, M. Erhardt
    Hook length of the bacterial flagellum is optimized for maximal stability of the flagellar bundle
    PLOS Biology, 16, 9, e2006989, 2018 [DOI]

  • J. M. Nava-Sedeño, H. Hatzikirou, R. Klages, A. Deutsch
    Cellular automaton models for time-correlated random walks: derivation and analysis
    Scientific Reports, 7, 1, 16952, 2017 [DOI]

  • J. M. Nava-Sedeno, H. Hatzikirou, F. Peruani, A. Deutsch
    Extracting cellular automaton rules from physical Langevin equation models for single and collective cell migration
    J. Math. Biol., 75, 5, 1075-1100, 2017 [DOI]