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Fabian Rost

Fabian Rost is a PostDoc with a diploma in Physics. For more information visit his

Research Gate profile.


Publications of Fabian Rost
  • F. Rost, A. R. Albors, V. Mazurov, L. Brusch, A. Deutsch, E. M. Tanaka, O. Chara
    Accelerated cell divisions drive the outgrowth of the regenerating spinal cord in axolotls
    eLife, 5, e20357, 2016 [DOI]

  • A. Rodrigo Albors, A. Tazaki, F. Rost, S. Nowoshilow, O. Chara, E. Tanaka
    Planar cell polarity-mediated induction of neural stem cell expansion during axolotl spinal cord regeneration
    eLife, 4, e10230, 2015 [DOI]

  • C. Vincent, F. Rost, W. Masselink, L. Brusch, E. Tanaka
    Cellular dynamics underlying regeneration of appropriate segment number during axolotl tail regeneration
    BMC Developmental Biology, 15, 1, 48, 2015 [DOI]

  • F. Rost, C. Eugster, C. Schröter, A.C. Oates, L. Brusch
    Chevron formation of the zebrafish muscle segments
    J. Exp. Biol., 217, 21, 3870-3882, 2014 [DOI]

  • F. Rost, A. Quintero, M. Myllykoski, A. Igolkina, A. Rohde O’Sullivan Freltoft, N. Dixit
    Morphogenesis and dynamics of multicellular systems
    ECMI Newsletter 52, 2012