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Andreas Deutsch

Andreas Deutsch is the head of the department. He has a diploma in mathematics, a PhD in biology, and a habilitation in theoretical biology.


  • S. Syga, D. David-Rus, Y. Schälte, H. Hatzikirou, A. Deutsch
    Inferring the effect of interventions on COVID-19 transmission networks
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  • A. Deutsch, J. M. Nava-Sedeño, S. Syga, H. Hatzikirou
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  • A. Barua, S. Syga, P. Mascheroni, N. Kavallaris, M. Meyer-Hermann, A. Deutsch, H. Hatzikirou
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  • J. C. L. Alfonso, K. Talkenberger, M. Seifert, B. Klink, A. Hawkins-Daarud, H. Hatzikirou, K. R. Swanson, A. Deutsch
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  • T. Buder, A. Deutsch, M. Seifert, A. Voss-Böhme
    CellTrans: An R package to quantify stochastic cell state transitions
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  • C. N. Hinrichs, M. Ingargiola, T. Käubler, S. Löck, A. Temme, A. Köhn-Luque, A. Deutsch, O. Vovk, O. Stasyk, L. A. Kunz-Schughart
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  • P. K. Maini, H. G. Othmer, A. Deutsch
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  • A. Deutsch
    Cellular automaton models for collective cell behaviour
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    Self-propelled rods exhibit a novel phase-separated state characterized by the presence of active stresses and the ejection of polar clusters.
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