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Osvaldo Chara

Osvaldo Chara received his Ph.D. from University of Buenos Aires for examining the physiology and biophysics of water transport in biological tissues with a focus on the role of aquaporins (membrane proteins that work as water channels). As a postdoc and later researcher at the Institute of Physics of Liquids and Biological Systems (IFLYSIB), La Plata, Argentina, he studied the physics of water near protein surfaces and membranes using molecular dynamics simulations.
His interests lie in the application of mathematical modeling and computer simulation to approach problems of different scientific fields including medicine (i.e. enterocutaneous fistulae). Based on experimental data he developed models to study the homeostasis of cell volume and kinetics of nucleotide release in different cell systems (i.e. goldfish, trout and rat hepatocytes, HepG2 cell line and human erythrocytes). In our group he is investigating the development and regeneration of tissues.


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