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Dept. for Innovative
Methods of Computing

Dept. for Innovative Methods of Computing

Head of the department is Andreas Deutsch.


Our main research interest lies in the development of mathematical models and simulation tools to detect organizational principles of selected biological systems. We focus on "cellular systems" which possess a multitude of interaction possibilities whose cooperative interplay guarantees in particular the development of organismic forms. Disorders in cell interaction can imply diseases and malignant pattern formation (e.g. tumor growth). We work on concrete interdisciplinary projects on the basis of local, national and international cooperations. Important insights into function and regulation of biological systems can be expected from the linking of mathematical modeling and computational tools with biological/medical (in vitro, in vivo and field) data.
A further research field focuses on the exploitation of ideas inspired by self-organizing biological systems (e.g. immune system) for solving computing tasks (e.g. search for information) in dynamic technical and communication networks. We develop the software Morpheus, a modeling and simulation environment for the study of multiscale and multicellular systems.

Current Events

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The department of Innovative Methods of the Computing is part of the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing at the Technische Universitšt Dresden.