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Research papers

Meyer, K., Ostrenko, O., Bourantas, G., Morales-Navarrete, H., Porat-Shliom, N., Segovia-Miranda, F., Nonaka, H., Ghaemi, A., Verbavatz, J.M., Brusch, L. and Sbalzarini, I., Kalaidzidis, Y., Weigert, R., Zerial M.
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Also cited in

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Beyond this selection, 44 sources have so far cited our paper in total (as of Dec. 2017).


Talks and poster presentations at the following conferences and workshops:

W. de Back, Morpheus 2: Modeling and simulation platform for multicellular systems biology. And MorpheusML: declarative markup language for multicellular systems biology, Workshop “Towards a unified framework for benchmarking multi-cellular models and simulation software” (organized D. Drasdo and S. Hoehme et al., Leipzig, March 2016 (invited talks)
W. de Back, Spatial multiscale computational systems biology, Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, Germany, November 2014 (talk)
L. Brusch, W. de Back, J. Starruß, A. Deutsch, Morpheus: a User-friendly Modeling Environment for Multiscale and Multicellular Systems Biology, Symposium on “Executable cell biology for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine”, TERMIS-EU, Genova, Italy, 2014. (abstract) (talk)
W. de Back, Integrative modeling in developmental systems biology, Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry, Medical Faculty „Carl Gustav Carus“, Technische Universität Dresden, 2013. (talk)
W. de Back, A. Deutsch, Morpheus: Modeling and Simulation in Multicellular System Biology, 1st Sino-German Workshop on Simulation, Changsha, China, 2011. (talk)
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