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Known Issues


Installation on Mac OSX

Please see the page on troubleshooting for Mac.


''Function'' gives erroneous values

Functions have been reported to generate erroneous values in the following situation:

  • Function is defined outside of System but used inside System (which is allowed) and
  • OpenMP multithreading is used (i.e. Settings/Local/Threads per jobs > 1).

Work around:

  • Drag Function inside the System
  • Or, use only single thread per job.


Gnuplot says "unknown or ambiguous terminal type"

Morpheus depends on Gnuplot version 4.4. Please update Gnuplot.

In many cases, this error is due to the fact that the PDF and PNG terminals depend on libcairo. As a workaround, one can use another terminal such as SVG or JPG.

Gnuplotter on-screen output shows flickering

Some gnuplot terminals, such as Aquaterm in Mac OSX, are relatively slow and may show flickering when run under interactive mode.

As a workaround, do one of the following:

  • In interactive mode: Use the screen terminal X11 instead of aqua.
  • In local mode: Use a file terminal such as png and pdf.

Report an issue

Found a bug? Send us a report.

If you experience reproducable crashes in a situation that is not covered here, please send us a bug report.

In the bug report, include as much information as possible, such as:

  1. How to reproduce the bug
  2. XML model that produced the error (if applicable)
  3. Morpheus version/revision (see Settings → Local → Check Simulation → Test)
  4. Your operating system
  5. Log file of the debugger (gdb.log)


Added item does not appear in Editor (tree view)

As a workaround, click on the element in the Document view. This will force updating the tree view.

Drag/dropping items in Editor mixes up subitems

As a workaround, click on the element in the Document view. This will force updating the tree view.

Some jobs continue despite stopping multiple jobs in ''JobQueue''

If this occurs, you will need to remove the remaining jobs by selecting and removing them again.

Simulation state [SnapShot].xml.gz cannot be restored (under Windows)

It has been reported that snapshots of simulation states, in compressed model files ([SnapShot].xml.gz), cannot be restored under Windows. This is most likely due to a corruption in file compression.

A solution or workaround has yet to be found.

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