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 ** Source ** ** Source **
-The source code is not yet publicly available. ​Pending decisions on specific software license models and code documentation,​ the access to the SVN code repository is restricted to the developers and our collaborators+The source code publicly available ​at [[https://​​morpheus.lab/​morpheus|GitLab]]
 ** Building from source **  ** Building from source ** 
-For developers/​collaborators with access to the [[http://​​websvn/​listing.php?​repname=Morpheus|Morpheus SVN repository]],​ information ​on building Morpheus from source can be found [[devel:source|here]] ​(password protected).+Information ​on building Morpheus from source can be found [[https://​​morpheus.lab/​morpheus/​blob/​master/​|here]].
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 ++++ Where can I get help? | ++++ Where can I get help? |
-** Limited support **  
-Morpheus is distributed as-is and we have limited resources for support. Nevertheless,​ your experiences are essential for us to improve the software.\\+** User forum ** 
-** Questions ​**+Use the [[forum:​users|Morpheus user forum]] to get support from developers and other users. 
 +** User manual ​** 
 +The [[documentation:​manual|user manual]] is the primary source of information on usage of Morpheus.
-If you have a question that is not answered in the [[documentation:​manual|user manual]] or in the [[documentation:​faq|FAQ]],​ do not hesitate to [[|ask us]]. 
 ** Debug mode ** ** Debug mode **
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 [{{ :​faq_debug.png?​direct&​250 | Run a crashed simulation in ''​Debug''​ mode, and send us the log file ''​gdb.log''​.}}] [{{ :​faq_debug.png?​direct&​250 | Run a crashed simulation in ''​Debug''​ mode, and send us the log file ''​gdb.log''​.}}]
-** Bug reports ** 
-If you experience reproducable crashes in a situation not covered in the [[documentation:​issues|Known Issues]] section, please send us a [[|bug report]]. \\ 
-In the bug report, include as much information as possible, such as: \\ 
-  * How to reproduce the bug 
-  * XML model that produced the error 
-  * Morpheus version/​revision (see ''​Settings -> Local -> Check Simulation -> Test''​) ​ 
-  * Your operating system 
-  * Log file of the debugger (''​gdb.log''​) 
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