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User Manual

The user manual is the central resource for up-to-date information on:

  • graphical user interface and workflow tools
  • modeling formalisms and numerical implementation
  • model description language
  • model integration and simulation schedule

Cheat Sheets

The cheat sheets provide a quick overview of:

  • model description language
  • mathematical constructs
  • pre-defined and user-defined symbols
  • available operator and functions

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions (FAQ) provide answers to common issues with:

  • modeling
  • analysis
  • editing
  • graphical user interface
  • settings

Known Issues

A list of reported issues and bugs with solution or workarounds.

Performance and Scalability

The results of performance and scalability tests provide information on:

  • execution time
  • memory usage
  • scalability with problem size
  • scalability of parallel processing

These tests are performed using benchmark problems available in the example models.


The publication page has a list of:

  • research papers
  • courses
  • workshops, symposia and conferences
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