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Morpheus Development Roadmap

Version 2.1

Scheduled release date: Dec 2018


  • Improved SBML support
  • New adaptive step size ODE solver (RK45)
  • Provide local scope access in NeighborhoodReporters
  • Bug fixes …

Version 2.2

Scheduled release date: Mai 2019

Planned GUI features

  • QT5 version upgrade
  • 3d simulations preview using VTK
  • Support for MultiCellML

Planned Simulator features

  • Heterogeneous Advection / Diffusion
  • Fields inside of Cells

Version 2.3

Scheduled release date: Oct 2019

Planned features

  • New compact model storage format in accordance with SED-ML
  • Python scripting bindings for rapid plugin prototyping and morpheus interactive control.
  • Public model repository, including options to convert to other simulator frameworks (CC3D).
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