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Alvaro Köhn-Luque

Alvaro Köhn-Luque is a Spanish Biomathematician. He received his PhD at Complutense University of Madrid where he studied vascular patterning by means of a combination of mathematical, computational and experimental methods. In our group, he is involved in the coordination and management of the GlioMath project. His main research interests are to unravel key cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying vascular and tumor development

Publications of Alvaro Köhn-Luque
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  • J. C. L. Alfonso, A. Kohn-Luque, T. Stylianopoulos, F. Feuerhake, A. Deutsch, H. Hatzikirou
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  • A. Köhn-Luque, W. de Back, Y. Yamaguchi, K. Yoshimura, M. A. Herrero and T. Miura.
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  • A. Köhn-Luque, W. De Back, J. Starrrus, A. Mattiotti, A. Deutsch, J.M. Perez Pomares and M. A. Herrero.
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    PLoS ONE, 6, 9, 2011 [DOI]

  • M.A. Herrero, A. Köhn and J.M. Pérez-Pomares.
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