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Katrin Talkenberger

Katrin Talkenberger has a diploma degree in mathematics. For her diploma she studied the expansion speed for glioma invasion in a LGCA model.


Publications of Katrin Talkenberger
  • J. C. L. Alfonso, K. Talkenberger, M. Seifert, B. Klink, A. Hawkins-Daarud, H. Hatzikirou, K. R. Swanson, A. Deutsch
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    Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 14, 136, 20170490, 2017 [DOI]

  • K. Talkenberger, E. A. Cavalcanti-Adam, A. Voss-Böhme, A. Deutsch
    Amoeboid-mesenchymal migration plasticity promotes invasion only in complex heterogeneous microenvironments
    Scientific Reports, accepted, 2017

  • K. Böttger, H. Hatzikirou, A. Voss-Böhme, E. A. Cavalcanti-Adam, M. A. Herrero, A. Deutsch
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    PLoS Comput Biol, 11, 9, e1004366, 2015 [DOI]

  • H. Hatzikirou, K. Böttger, A. Deutsch
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    Mathematical Modelling Natural Phenomena, 10, 1, 94-107, 2015 [DOI]

  • K. Böttger, H. Hatzikirou, A. Chauviere, A. Deutsch
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    Math. Model. Nat. Phenom., 7, 1, 105-135, 2012 [DOI]