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  • A. Scholich, S. Syga, H. Morales-Navarrete, F. Segovia-Miranda, H. Nonaka, K. Meyer, W. de Back, L. Brusch, Y. Kalaidzidis, M. Zerial, F. Jülicher, B. M. Friedrich
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    PLOS Comp. Biol. 16 (12), e1008412, 2020 [DOI]

  • T.J. Sego, J.O. Aponte-Serrano, J.F. Gianlupi, S. Heaps, K. Breithaupt, L. Brusch, J.M. Osborne, E.M. Quardokus, R.K. Plemper, J.A. Glazier
    A modular framework for multiscale, multicellular, spatiotemporal modeling of acute primary viral infection and immune response in epithelial tissues and its application to drug therapy timing and effectiveness.
    PLOS Comp. Biol. 16 (12), e1008451, 2020 [DOI]

  • A. Barua, S. Syga, P. Mascheroni, N. Kavallaris, M. Meyer-Hermann, A. Deutsch, H. Hatzikirou
    Entropy-driven cell decision-making predicts "fluid-to-solid" transition in multicellular systems
    New Journal of Physics 22, 123034, 2020 [DOI]

  • O. Ilina, P.G. Gritsenko, S. Syga, J. Lippoldt, C.A.M. La Porta, O. Chepizhko, S. Grosser, M. Vullings, G.-J. Bakker, J. Starruß, P. Bult, S. Zapperi, J.A. Käs, A. Deutsch, P. Friedl
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    Nature Cell Biology 22, 1103–1115, 2020 [DOI]

  • A. Deutsch, P. Friedl, L. Preziosi, G. Theraulaz
    Multi-scale analysis and modelling of collective migration in biological systems
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 375 (1807), 20190377, 2020 [DOI]

  • H. Anzt, F. Bach, S. Druskat, F. Löffler, A. Loewe, B.Y. Renard, G. Seemann, A. Struck, E. Achhammer, P. Aggarwal, F. Appel, M. Bader, L. Brusch, C. Busse, G. Chourdakis, P.W. Dabrowski, P. Ebert, B. Flemisch, S. Friedl, B. Fritzsch, M.D. Funk, V. Gast, F. Goth, J.N. Grad, S. Hermann, F. Hohmann, S. Janosch, D. Kutra, J. Linxweiler, T. Muth, W. Peters-Kottig, F. Rack, F.H.C. Raters, S. Rave, G. Reina, M. Reißig, T. Ropinski, J. Schaarschmidt, H. Seibold, J.P. Thiele, B. Uekerman, S. Unger, R. Weeber
    An environment for sustainable research software in Germany and beyond: current state, open challenges, and call for action
    F1000Research 9, 295, 2020 [DOI]

  • S. Aland, F. Stenger, R. Müller, A. Deutsch, A. Voigt
    A phase-field approach to trabecular bone remodeling
    Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 6, 12, 2020 [DOI]

  • H. Hatzikirou, G. Breier, A. Deutsch
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  • L. Manuel Muñoz-Nava, H. Ariel Alvarez, M. Flores-Flores, O. Chara, M. Nahmad
    A dynamic cell recruitment process drives growth of the Drosophila wing by overscaling the Vestigial expression pattern
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  • K. Meyer, H. Morales-Navarrete, S. Seifert, M. Wilsch-Braeuninger, U. Dahmen, E. M. Tanaka, L. Brusch, Y. Kalaidzidis, M. Zerial
    Bile canaliculi remodeling activates YAP via the actin cytoskeleton during liver regeneration
    Molecular Systems Biology 16 (2), e8985, 2020 [DOI]

  • J. M. Nava-Sedeno, A. Voss-Böhme, H. Hatzikirou, A. Deutsch, F. Peruani
    Modeling collective cell motion: are on- and off-lattice models equivalent?
    Philosophical Transactions B 375 (1807), 20190378, 2020 [DOI]

  • M. Seifert, G. Schackert, A. Temme, E. Schröck, A. Deutsch, B. Klink
    Molecular characterization of astrocytoma progression towards secondary glioblastomas utilizing patient-matched tumor pairs
    Cancers 12 (6), 1696, 2020 [DOI]

  • F. Segovia-Miranda, H. Morales-Navarrete, M. Kücken, V. Moser, S. Seifert, U. Repnik, F. Rost, M. Brosch, A. Hendriks, S. Hinz, C. Röcken, D. Lütjohann, Y. Kalaidzidis, C. Schafmayer, L. Brusch, J. Hampe, M. Zerial
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  • H. T. Vu, S. Mansour, M. Kücken, C. Blasse, C. Basquin, J. Azimzadeh, G. Myers, L. Brusch, J. Rink
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  • H. Morales-Navarrete, H. Nonaka, A.Scholich, F. Segovia-Miranda, W. de Back, K. Meyer, R. L. Bogorad, V. Koteliansky, L. Brusch, Y. Kalaidzidis,F. Jülicher, B. M. Friedrich M. Zerial
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    in Methods in Molecular Biology
    , Klein and Wuchter(Eds.), Springer Protocols, Humana Press 219-243, 2019 [DOI]

  • T. Buder, A. Deutsch, B. Klink, A. Voss-Böhme
    Patterns of tumor progression predict small and tissue-specific tumor-originating niches
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  • A. Dirkse, A. Golebiewska, T. Buder, P. V. Nazarov, A. Muller, S. Poovathingal,N. H. C. Brons, S. Leite, N. Sauvageot, D. Sarkisjan, M. Seyfrid, S. Fritah, D. Stieber, A. Michelucci, F. Hertel, C. Herold-Mende, F. Azuaje, A. Skupin, R. Bjerkvig, A. Deutsch, A. Voss-Böhme, S. P.Niclou
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  • R. Müller, A. Henss, M. Kampschulte, M. Rohnke, A. C. Langheinrich, C. Heiss, J. Janek, A. Voigt, HJ. Wilke, A. Ignatius, J. Herfurth, T. El Khassawna, A. Deutsch
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    Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16 (151), 20180793, 2019 [DOI]

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  • S. Syga, J. M. Nava-Sedeño, L. Brusch, A. Deutsch
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    in Spirals and Vortices, Müller and Tsuji(Eds.), Chapter - 15, 253-264, Springer, 2019 [DOI]

  • F. Zakrzewski, W. de Back, M. Weigert, T. Wenke, S. Zeugner, R. Mantey, C. Sperling, K. Friedrich, I. Roeder, D. Aust, G. Baretton, P. Hönscheid
    Automated detection of the HER2 gene amplification status in Fluorescence in situ hybridization images for the diagnostics of cancer tissues
    Scientific Reports, 9, 8231, 2019 [DOI]

  • J. Medelnik, K. Roensch, S. Okawa, A. del Sol, O. Chara, L. Mchedlishvili E. M. Tanaka
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    Whither Systems Medicine?
    Experimental & Molecular Medicine, 50, e453, 2018 [DOI]

  • O. Chara, A. Borges, P.E. Milhiet, M. Nöllmann, D.I. Cattoni
    Sequence-dependent catalytic regulation of the SpoIIIE motor activity ensures directionality of DNA translocation
    Scientific Reports, 8, 1, 5254, 2018 [DOI]

  • I. Spöring, V. A. Martinez, C. Hotz, J. Schwarz-Linek, K. L. Grady, J. M. Nava-Sedeno, T. Vissers, H. M. Singer, M. Rohde, C. Bourquin, H. Hatzikirou, W. C. K. Poon, Y. S. Dufour, M. Erhardt
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